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A users guide to multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an electronic authentication method in which a computer user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence.

If your company has enforced MFA for your Mesma software once you login you will be asked how you would like to receive your MFA code

At this stage you will receive a Recovery code, please keep this in safe , you may be asked to use this code to access if your other options become unavailable

Options are:

Via Google authenticator or similar (you will need access to a mobile phone/pad)

Via email (this will send code direct to your email)

Via a Recovery code you receive upon first login through MFA

Upon log in you will be asked to verify your identity

If you are not using or are unable to access your Google authenticator or similar please click onto

Try another method

You can then choose to have a code sent via email or you can enter your recovery code you received on initial set up

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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