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Changing the owner of your plans

There are a number of reasons you may wish to change the ownership of an area to another user. For instance when an owner changes roles or leaves the organisation.

Owners have the permission to reallocate this responsibility to another participant in their assessment or plans.

Step 1 From the Evaluate or Improve homepages, click on the assessment or plan you want to change ownership for.

Step 2 Click on the Change owner icon.

In Evaluate click on the tab called Manage Area. You will then see the Change owner tab. In Improve at present change owner is shown as an icon.

Step 3 A pop up appears: select an new owner from the drop down list ( only users currently participating in the assessment or plan with be seen in the picklist )

Step 4 Once you have identified the new owner you can then select a role. You can either select a new role for yourself or select none of the above if you no longer require access.

Step 5 Once you are happy with your selection click Make Owner as seen in the image above.

Updated on: 30/05/2022

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