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Improvement plan template explained

Your improvement plans enable you to collaborate with colleagues to make necessary improvements in your organisation, department or programme identified from your quality reviews. The number of plans is linked to your subscription so if you run out just ask your administrator to send us an upgrade request via their administration control panel.

This screenshot explains the main features in each improvement plan template.

A - Your template is organised into column headings for your main objective and associated tasks
B - To add an objective
C - Expand task for all objectives
D - Expand tasks for one objective/add new tasks (see below)
E - Assign objective to individual
F - Add impact note(progress note)
G - Comment
H - Add Target date
I - Add completion date
J - Status Automated
K - Archive an objective (archived objectives will not show on the export) Only Owners and Admin can archive an objective
L - To view or unarchive objectives ( All users can view an archive objective)

To edit an objective click on the edit icon

As you update you objectives the status will automatically change:
Not started = First stage before any progress has been made
In progress = When an impact note has been added to main objective or a comment has been added to a task
Overdue = When the target date has passed and no completion date has been added
Complete = When a completion date has been added

To Create a Task

A - Create new task
B - Edit your task
C- Add your progress notes in the comment box (your download will show the most recent note)
D - Add your status (not met partly met etc)
E - Assign to

Note : If you have permission your column headers can be customised. Your permission level is set by the administrator.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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